An ancient and immensely powerful creature that strikes fear into the hearts of those who see it. The form she was seen in is that of a humanoid woman, 5' 10", with skin as white as fresh snow and a svelte, curvaceous figure. Her ebony hair falls in light curls midway down her back, framing a Roman face with blood red eyes and an ill-fitting smile. At first glance she is beautiful, but the longer you gaze at her the more it seems like she's only wearing this body, not truly inhabiting it.

Like Dolly and Jay, S.K. can control and summon shadows. However, as the eldest and original of her kind, her powers massively outclass the other two. Able to bend her form to her will and call up armies of shadows with a flick of her wrist, her strength can decimate most opponents. Her pride and arrogance can be exploited, however, and she is weakened by radiant energies.

S.K. seems to lack any warmth, love, or sense of goodness. Though she is capable of feeling happiness and positive emotion, it doesn't seem to last. More often than not she seems cool and eerily pleasant, though she is quick to anger.

S.K.'s symbol is the "Negative Heart" emblem, an upside-down crude heart with an X slashed over it, in bright red.


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