A bizarre, shapeshifting, interdimensional being, Rose was found in the upper Blighthollow caverns, where the Cult of Krush had captured her in order to siphon her cosmic powers. Rose's powers seem unending, yet tied oddly to her "jams", or music in her mobile device. Cheery to the point of psychosis, no one is entirely certain where her allegiances lie.

In her original form, she appears to be a small, rotund black calico cat with medium-long fur and wide yellow eyes. A yellow collar can be seen through her fur. If one stares at the patterns of her fur for too long strange shapes can be seen.

Her secondary form is that of a young human woman, roughly eighteen years in appearance, with calico-patterned hair, though at the time of her initial sighting it was done up in a faded pink and green mohawk. Her attire is usually bright and obnoxious, with lots of cute designs and neon colors. The yellow collar remains, now as a choker necklace. Her skin tone is a deep tan, and she retains her pudgy status. Rose stands at 5' 6", 169 lbs. 

Her true form is unknown.


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