Type: Divine Fighter

Patron Gods: Kilma the Blackhanded, Risum, Kyoon, Sidur the Untamed

Typical Races: Human, Dragonborn, Aasimar, Tiefling, Goliath, Warforged

Groups: Sapphire Defenders, Blades of Risum

Paladins are holy warriors, beholden to a god or sacred purpose, such as defending the royal bloodline. Imbued with divine powers, they often work alongside clerics and monks to achieve their goals. Occasionally a paladin will move apart from his or her main order to explore the world and spread the word of their god. It's not unusual to see one in most major towns, offering their services when raiders come a-calling or dire beasts migrate in. The Blades of Risum were the first paladin order, and many still defer to them as the de facto paladin guild.


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