Type: Spellcaster

Patron Gods: Sidur the Untamed, Ducit, Summa

Typical Races: All except Warforged

Groups: Swinefreckle School of Magic, [[Independency of Calligo-Nebus]]

Wizards, Warlocks, and Sorcerers are all considered "mages" in Incus. While all gain their power through different means, all are expected to go through schooling in order to learn how to properly harness it. Swinefreckle School of Magic is the only accredited mage school of Incus, and without a graduation certificate from there a mage won't get far professionally. At least not legally. There is a rogue mage city-nation, known as Calligo-Nebus, where those who rebuke society's strict rules on mages can gather and learn. The floating city putters between both Incus and Daveepon, free of government meddling.


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