Jay is one of several friends of Rose who can be called upon with Rose's Mobile. An odd woman of roughly twenty years, thin almost to the point of emaciation, bearing several stitched-together sections of skin, she is a gaunt and at times horrifying thing. Six thick, black tentacles squirm and writhe from her back unnaturally – they seem to be made of the same substance as Shadow. Her eyes are the color of rust, and her auburn hair is usually an unkempt mane of tangles. She stands at 5' 1" and weighs 130 lbs., with most of her weight held in her tentacles.

Jay seems to exert the same control over shadows as SK and Dolly. She has been seen with a massive wolf-like shadow with glowing white eyes. 

Jay's attitude seems to be laid back and professional. She appears used to Rose's shenanigans, but glad to be able to bring "her" cat home. 

Her symbol is the "Crying Crescent" emblem, of two pale red crescent symbols cupping an orb.


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