Type: Divine-Mage

Patron Gods: Bhoora, Lacerta, Ellartes and Ariel

Typical Races: Elf, Kobold, Tabaxi, Triton

Groups: Guards of Nosiriand, Wild Men, The True Love Combine, Consortium of Lacerta

Druids are a wide and varied group, due to their origin. Any biological race can host druids, as they are born into their powers. This often first manifests as an understanding of animals. In Incus most druid children are sent to the Consortium of Lacerta to learn how to control their powers. Druids often find themselves in all corners of life – aboard ships to aid and control the weather, helping farmers, or raising the finest pets. However due to being around animals and plants more than people, they tend to be quirky folks. All druids also have an animal companion, which varies wildly and can be any animal.


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